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Cruyff Football is the official heir and worldwide guardian of Johan Cruyff’s football legacy. Johan Cruyff is synonymous to innovation. Always surprising and never dull. Turning disadvantages into advantages. Creating something out of nothing. Using each others qualities to come out stronger. Matching freedom with responsibility. Giving chances to youth. Helping those in need. And entertaining the fans.

Cruyff Football and Possession Football by Albert Capellas have found themselves to create, develop and update content related to the way of training and playing football inspired by Johan Cruyff’s philosophy. From the online platform Cruyff Football you can understand and put his vision and experience into practice in an efficient, dynamic and easily accessible way.

“There is only one ball, so you need to have it”

Johan Cruyff

Cruyff Football Platform

If you are interested in learning the main secrets on which the positioning game is based, we are going to share with you the criteria we adhere to in each of the stages of our model. This way you increase the chance of success in your club, your team and you can grow as a coach.

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“Go out and enjoy”

Johan Cruyff

Johan Cruyff

Hendrik Johannes Cruijff (Amsterdam, 25 April 1947 – Barcelona, 24 March, 2016), known as Johan Cruyff, was a former Dutch footballer and coach. He won the Ballon d’Or three times, in 1971, 1973 and 1974 and he was the master of the football philosophy known as Total Football. He is widely regarded as one of the great players in association football. In 1999, Cruyff was voted European Player of the Century.

After his retirement as a player in 1984, Cruyff became highly successful as manager of Ajax and later FC Barcelona. After his retirement from coaching he initiated the Cruyff Foundation, Cruyff Institute, Cruyff Classics, Cruyff Football and Cruyff Library.

You can read about his personal accomplishments, Cruyff as a player and Cruyff as a trainer.